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A faux 2” cuff.  I didn’t have enough length to do a full 2” cuff on these trousers so I used an inch, 2”s from the hem to make a little pleat.
Bow Tie Friday. (Bowtie made by http://sowhatelseisnew.tumblr.com/)

Bow Tie Friday. (Bowtie made by http://sowhatelseisnew.tumblr.com/)

Hand Made Tropical Trousers

I made these trousers from a cream/white, open weave herringbone wool. They feature a zipper, button and double hook closure, slanted side pockets, double-welted back pockets, belt loops, two inch cuffs and lots of hand stitching. Total work time was in the range of 20-30 hours. These are actually a re-make - the first pair I made from this cloth had some fit issues, but these are much better.

The finished trousers:

Hand made button hole - still messy, but getting a little more uniform.

Hand sewn bar tacks on side pockets.

Slanted side pockets and double welted back pockets.

Closure and hand felled waistband.

I’ve had this cloth just sitting in my basement for a couple of years now…

I want it to be a jacket, but I’m not anywhere near skilled enough to do this yet and it will be a long time before I am…  I may finally have to take it to someone to have done, I just fear the cost.


Anna Matuozzo bespoke shirt details - check out the handwork.

Most people won’t notice, but you’ll know.

Beautiful handwork.

enjoynicethings said: Where is that sweater from? Been looking for something just like that.

It’s from Club Monaco, 2 or 3 years back.

WIWT: 9/22/12

BB factory 1930s via FB.

BB factory 1930s via FB.